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and while he was always enjoyable to watch, no character really stands out as particularly iconic; they’re all mostly just eccentric, and they sound funny. In this span of red bottom shoes time, Depp has created only one character that (almost) everyone unanimously agreed was instantly iconic, and that’s Capt. Jack Sparrow (from a film Burton had absolutely nothing to do with), and I’d argue that his replica Michael Kors only other great movie in this period was Rango, which a) was awesome, b) also had nothing to do with Burton and c) was really awesome. The Pirates movies made more money at the box office than his collaborations with Burton by a wide margin, and I haven’t found a single critic who thinks either Burton or Depp have made their best work together in cheap Michael Kors the last 10 years. So, you know. Maybe knock it off for a while, guys. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not faulting them for not doing their best work together lately; no one can be expected to be constantly making their best work, and the fact that they struck gold once with Edward Scissorhands is impressive enough, forever
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