Mikołajki 2012

Football legend Tom Brady to do the same. The idea was simple. Either do the challenge within 24 hours and then issue it to three or more of your friends, or chicken out and donate $100 to the ALS Association. Many people choose cheap replica michael kors to do both: dunk and donate. Within days, the challenge had taken over social wholesale cheap michael kors media, with US mega celebrities such as Oprah Winfrey and Conan O’Brien getting in on the charitable endeavour. In the US, the entire Kennedy clan posted a video of themselves doing the challenge, on the lawn of their holiday cheap michael kors compound at Hyannis port. Even the venerable family matriarch Ethel Kennedy poured a bucket of water over her head, and then challenged Barack Obama to do louboutin replica the same (he declined, but donated). The wholesale handbags ALS Association has already raised 10 times christian louboutin replica more chi flat irons money this summer than they did last year. What Pete Frates, and those all over the world who have followed his lead, have managed to do is raise awareness of this "Orphan Disease". And raise the cash needed to prompt a new round of research into a cure. It may seem,
convey any kind message, they just strung together a bunch of cool scenes and called it a movie. One more reason why audience feedback isn’t always the best guide, as anyone who has read YouTube comments will happily tell you. Where you can find the original: The original ending is available as a bonus scene on the Replica Christian Louboutin recent DVD release, where it is advertised as the "controversial original cheap Michael Kors ending." Yes, coming to a peaceful reconciliation with your enemies is now more controversial than blowing them right the fuck up. Superman II was to be Richard Donner’s epic tale of earth’s mightiest protector, and why he decided to let aliens take over the world so he could get some poontang. Superman II probably contains the first true superhero movie brawl, a violent dust up between Superman and General Zod that leaves the Man of Steel crushed beneath a bus. Most of Superman II was actually shot fake Michael kors handbags at the same time as the original, by Donner. Donner was more of the Christopher Nolan school of superhero movies, rather than the Joel Schumacher
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