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said. "But we had to louboutin replica draw the bill a certain way and that what we started with. I think, again, if we pass something it be a legislative sign off." Regarding an outright ban, Durham said, "I don think the appetite of the Legislature is there. I don think the appetite of the House sponsor is there either. You can talk to Brian. But I don really plan to run it as is." Kelsey also is drawing fire from health care advocates. "Sen. Kelsey gets publicly subsidized insurance himself," said Michele Johnson, executive director of the Tennessee Justice Center. "It is a complete mystery why he is so eager to deny health coverage to his 230,000 fellow Tennesseans who stand to lose their health insurance." Kelsey is one of 116 state lawmakers out of 132 in the General Assembly who are on the state health plan, which relies on discount michael kors sale taxpayer funding. Six of the seven senators who voted down Insure Tennessee in the Senate fake handbags panel had state health insurance. Johnson said a state operated exchange is what "many middle
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