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and 79 in Antigua, just getting off the mark was a notable moment after three previous Test innings in England had been ducks. Root, in a lively manner that is becoming common place, went to fifty shortly after lunch from 53 balls discount michael kors and Stokes skipped to his off 55 as he firstly caught Christian Louboutin Store up with his partner then accelerated past him as he took 25 off two overs from Henry and Boult. The on side dominated Stokes’ innings and he was especially productive with a powerful whip through midwicket, his timing and placement superb except for a couple of top edged pulls which landed in space, before an innings of attack ended with him playing no stroke to a Craig delivery that came down the slope, leaving him watching in horror as it clipped the off stump, having struck 15 fours and a pulled six in his 94 ball stay. It was a day when a rejigged England middle order came together as Buttler, back at No. 7 with Moeen pushed down to No. 8, earned himself a 95 ball fifty restrained by the standards Buttler is capable off, but highly mature given that there
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