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in the single digits. As I got closer,I noticed that the cat was completely frozen to the ground. Each of its four paws, its bellyand its tail were cemented to the sidewalk by a combination of the animal’s urine and feces. From the back of my car, I grabbed an Alaska Grownsweatshirt my mother had given me a few years agoand scooped the cat into it. The cat’s fur and paws crackled like Velcro as theypeeledfrom the frozen sidewalk. The cat, for its part, never moved or fought. It weakly opened it eyes, looked at meand issued a low,panicked mew. The cat was a mess. Its fur was frozen solid, as was its entiretail, matted by whatever fluids the cat had leaked after it found itself locked to the ground. During the 10 minute ride to the vet, the cat only moved to lift its head twice. It could barely keep its eyes open as I yelled at the car in front of me. on weekdays so I thought I could find some immediate care for the cat and then have vibram five fingers sale it taken to the pound, whereI hopedany possible owners would eventually find it. The staff at took the hypothermic
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