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been after I was beaten up But nothing could have prepared her for the opening sequence in Sense8, in which her character, a mysterious otherworldly figure named Angel, metaphorically ‘gives birth’. "It was really interesting, because I’ve done a lot of action movies and I’ve been knocked through walls and suffered broken bones, but after doing that scene I was in more pain and I was more exhausted than I have been after being beaten up by samurais," says the quietly spoken 54 year old michael kors cheap of the intriguing sounding scene. Sense8 is a 12 part series created and written by siblings Lana and Andrew Wachowski, the creative minds behind the mind bending Matrix trilogy, Cloud Atlas and the recent Jupiter Ascending. It marks their first TV series, but is no less ambitious in its scale or themes than their big screen efforts. "It’s a piece of entertainment in the best and biggest sense of the word," says Chicago born Hannah. "It really bridges so many genres there’s some thriller, comedy, fantasy, drama." The series
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