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killer asteroids aren’t just something Michael Bay dreamed up so he’d have an excuse to flatten Paris on the big screen. Stephen Hawking just made headlines wholesale cheap gucci around the Web by proclaiming that the biggest reason intelligent life doesn’t develop on planets is because they get wiped out by huge fucking space rocks before they have the chance. Asteroids could have stopped this. Experts have conferences on how to orchestrate a "planetary defense" against such threats and magazines like Popular Science do articles every year on the asteroid menace. It’s replica louboutin true that asteroids and comets are everywhere. Scientists guesstimate that somewhere between 18,000 to 84,000 meteorites bigger than 10 grams hit Earth every year. Our planet’s crust is pock marked with proof that meteorites have slammed Christian Louboutin Replica into Earth time and time again. We’re not disagreeing with Mr. Hawking here. It’s that people tend to take what experts like him say and extrapolate it into, cheap michael kors "WE’RE ALL GOING TO DIE AT ANY MOMENT" because that makes such a better headline
. They are a time when you should listen and look for messages from the universe. When you are active you are too busy to notice what needs to be cleared out. Down periods give you the precious cheap gucci handbags time you need to assess your life and plan for make necessary changes. During a downtime period reflect on what you have been doing, where you want to go cheap michael kors in your life, red bottom pumps and how to prepare yourself for the next active phase. Clear Replica Christian Louboutin out your mind body and soul so that is open to the new and grow. When you are up to big things in life new things constantly arise and you do not require much time in down periods. The more you grow yourself the shorter the low periods become and Replica Christian Louboutin Shoes you do not go as low. I would recommend that you keep your attention vibram five fingers sale focused on growing yourself. How can you create a life where you go to bed different than how you woke up? This is the key to peace and happiness in your life no matter what shows up even if it seems undesirable to you. A funk is not a negative bad place to be in so let go of your old negative belief system around
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