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. But when the disease carrying Europeans heard about the legend of the golden man (El Dorado in Spanish), they busted a 16th century nut all over Central America. After years of searching for the source of the legend, the conquistadors finally arrived at Lake Guatavita and learned its history. The problem was, all the gold that had been thrown overboard over the years was now sitting beneath a shitload of water, and submarines were still a good 300 years from being perfected. So the Spanish graciously admitted defeat and moved forward with their conquering, a phrase which here means "they decided to drain the fucking lake." The first attempt occurred in 1545 when Hernan Perez de Quesada put a chain red bottom boots of slave laborers to work for three months, emptying out the water a bucket Replica Christian Louboutin Shoes at a time. "While you’re at it, try to fill this with gold and/or blood." They managed to lower the water level by 10 feet and recover 40 pounds of gold. Forty years later, a rich Spanish merchant decided to pull out the big guns and cut cheap gucci bags a fucking
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