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5 Myths That People Don’t Realize Are Admitted Hoaxes It’s no surprise that the world gets taken in by wholesale cheap michael kors hoaxers and con men. They’re really good at what they do and most of us are bored enough to believe anything as long as it cheap gucci handbags takes our mind off the cubicle for vibram five fingers shoes sale a while. And even when the hoaxers get accused wholesale handbags sale of fakery, we may still take their side. After all, those negative doubting types try cheap gucci to shoot down everything! Who cares what cheap wholesale michael kors they say! What is harder to explain, though, is the times when the perpetrators of a hoax come out themselves and confess to the fakery. and people still go right on believing. Note: Look, we love mysteries as much as anyone. Probably more. Maybe so much that we have a problem. Whatever. Keep your psychotherapy to yourself, Internet. But as this Cracked Classic shows, the thing about mysteries is that, before you go around talking about how no one has figured them out, you should make sure that that "long lost answer" is buried under more than five seconds worth of Googling. Cracked. 5. The Surgeon’s
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