upon the Sea of Galilee, probably joking about awakening Cthulhu or something, knowing that it would just be a bunch of murky mud and blurry fish, like always. Then they found this, and the room presumably got real quiet: So what? Is that supposed cheap wholesale michael kors to be Godzilla’s skid mark or something? How cheap michael kors outlet are we going to spin a darkish smudge into something ominous this time? Because this is the zoomed out version. Up close, you’d see that the harmless smudge up there was actually made up of thousands of meticulously arranged stones. This cone shaped collection measures 230 feet in diameter, stands 39 feet high, and weighs at least 60,000 tons. This makes it roughly twice as big as Stonehenge and six times heavier than the Eiffel Tower. It’s huge, ancient, on the bottom of the sea . and not Replica Christian Louboutin a natural formation. It’s hard to pinpoint a possible civilization that could have built this thing, since scientists say it could be anywhere from 2,000 to 12,000 years old which you may recognize as science speak for "Hell if we know anything about this sumbitch
bullshit than Arkham’s vegetable garden. Bulletproof Coffee founder Dave Asprey apparently found an ancient Taoist red bottom boots formula for how many days men should wait between orgasms ("age minus wholesale cheap gucci 7, divided by 4"). Later he casually states that fruit is Kryptonite and must be avoided. Gordy doesn’t ask a single question about either, at least not that he reports cheap gucci on. Sweet Seshat, Gordy, that sort of lunacy is why we send humans instead of speech recognition software. C louboutin replica 3PO would call bullshit on those, and he’s a robot slave designed only to pass on messages while not cheap gucci eating or having genitals. If a man says apples are my enemy and that I need to wait a week between orgasms, I need to know why he thinks that. And whether he’s allowed outside on his own. Does he have knives? That sort of thing. If Gordy were hired to profile a teenage boy, he’d report them as a self described "Sex Monster" and breathlessly gush on replica christian louboutin how many girls from out of town he’d totally touched replica michael kors on the boob and the butt. Lisa F. Young/iStock/Getty Images "This
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