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Canberra’s power couples Chris Uhlmann and Gai Brodtmann a very Canberra couple Knowing the right people can be invaluable in a city synonymous with deals and power games, but the capital’s most influential couples don’t usually advertise their personal partnerships. From Capital Hill to the boardroom, the media spotlight to the catwalk, we look at the work Michael Kors outlet and ask about the after work discussions of the city’s leading pairings. The level of professional power individuals hold is often different from that of their partners, cheap wholesale michael kors and some are at different stages of their career. But each is a leading contributor in their area of expertise. Emeritus Professor John Warhurst, who has analysed the holders of political power in Canberra for more than two decades, said ranking influence was imprecise. "Many of the couples represent different types of power: direct political, indirect, power over public opinion, cultural power, so it is often difficult to compare," he said. Couples were given an opportunity to comment. 10. Stephen Parker,
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