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soon becoming quite the player (in every sense of the word). As he began giving more and more "performances," christian louboutin replica Liszt’s cultural cache naturally boiled over into a period of full fledged mania. It was a mostly European phenomenon, following Liszt wherever he went, but it hit the city of Berlin particularly hard. Frauleins would attack him, fight over broken piano strings, tear bits of his clothing and handkerchiefs to stow as souvenirs, and even kept his used cigar butts in their cleavage. Others kept bottles around their necks for the sole purpose of collecting his used coffee grinds and put his portrait on their brooches. The guy practically traveled on the backs of lusty women, breast stroking his way from performance to performance through a sea of hysterical lady flesh. When cheap michael kors Liszt finally left Berlin, the university cancelled classes just so its students could partake in the parade like procession of his departure, and presumably mourn the passing of the best days of their vaginas’ young lives. Imagno / Hulton Fine Art Collection
Calgary police search Fish Creek Park after mysterious photos found Calgary police have spent two days scouring Fish Creek Park after the discovery of macabre photos attached to trees. Multiple sources told the Sun the investigation is related to the disappearance of 25 year old Shannon Burgess, who was last seen nearly three weeks ago. Sources said a person in the photos appears to have similarities to Burgess, but the subject face is obscured by hair and flowers in at least one of the pictures. really don know what we dealing with at the moment, said a source. is just all very creepy. believed the photos have been in the park less than two weeks. A source said wholesale gucci Burgess family has been alerted cheap gucci to the search. While not yet involved, the homicide unit has Michael Kors handbag been apprised of the situation, according to a source. A cadaver dog was in the park Tuesday and will return Wednesday. It expected the Calgary Search and Rescue Association will be involved in a grid search, said a source. on Nov. 27 at her home in the 1900 block of Spiller Rd. When she didn show up for plans with family and friends on the weekend, her loved Michael Kors outlet ones became concerned. She was reported missing on Dec. 1. Her cellphone and vehicle were left at her home. At the time, police said there were no indications of foul play, but it is out of character for Burgess not to be in touch red bottom shoes with her family and friends. Burgess is known to travel to Edmonton to red bottom pumps visit friends and for work as a performance artist and stand up comedian. Last week, the Toronto and Vancouver police services issued Replica Christian Louboutin Shoes press releases saying investigators received information suggesting Burgess could be in one of those cities. Anyone with information is asked to call police at 403 266 1234 or chi hair straighteners Crime Stoppers at 1 800 222 8477.
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